Monday, September 1, 2014

Ilocos Travel Diary: Fort Ilocandia, Malacanang, Paoay Church, Hidden Garden

So here it is, the first part of our Ilocos trip! We paid for a tour which lasted 3 days and each day was jam packed with so many activities!

 We had booked this trip on the 1st of January this year and traveled last August. I let my friends decide on the trip and itinerary and I have to say, it was a great trip! I never expected that there were so many things to see in Ilocos!

The bad thing though was that it rained the whole time we were there and none of us came prepared! We arrived first at Fort Ilocandia, a hotel/resort that has been around for years! It's a pretty cool place to get away for a weekend because it kind of has everything! Beach, swimming pools, ATV, archery, shooting range, etc. Trust me, you'll never get bored here!

It has an olden feel to it that gives the place it's unique sense of appeal. 

Afterwards we visited the MalacaƱang that former President Marcos stayed in. We also went to visit their ancestral homes and we got to see his body! It was a very strange experience. Strange and surreal, to say the least. Some of us were a bit creeped out. Haha.

Then we took a quick stop at Paoay Church. According to wikipedia, it was completed in 1710. The church is famous for its distinct architecture highlighted by the enormous buttresses on the sides and back of the building. In 1993, the church was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one best examples of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines. Pretty cool huh?

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