Friday, November 14, 2014

Hong Kong Airport Eats: Pak Loh Chiu Chow

If I would be stuck in an airport, I would choose Hong Kong International Airport any day!

If you've been to Hong Kong I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the airport and all its amenities. Endless shopping and dining choices as well as a 24 hour hotel/shower area, movie house and so much more!

If you're at Terminal 1, what greets you right away after immigration is fast food and more affordable dining on the right side and a bit more upscale dining on the left side. Every time we are there we never fail to eat at Pak Loh Chiu Chow - a Chinese restaurant that serves pretty authentic Chinese food. They have really good dimsum too!

They start you off with some appetizers consisting of boiled peanuts, bean sprouts, zucchini and something that seems like radish but I can't be sure.

We ordered the sweet & sour pork, oyster omelette, taro spring rolls and beef balls. I always order the beef balls because aside from it being my favorite, there aren't a lot of restaurants in Cebu that serve this dish so might as well take advantage! Another thing that our family loves is oyster omelette or owachian as we call it in amoy. This is best eaten with ketchup but this restaurant never seems to have any. We've tried asking them again and again, in English and in Mandarin but they never have it. Instead, they serve it with a type of soy sauce which, to me, doesn't go with it at all. The good thing about their omelette is that the oysters are HUGE. Definitely a dish worth your money! 

All in all I think our bill was around 300HKD - which included 3 cups of rice, tea and the appetizers. If you're looking for some good chinese food you should definitely try this restaurant!

Sweet & sour pork

Oyster omelette

Taro spring roll

Beef balls